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If you click on these pictures, they grow rapidly like a victim of puberty.


If you click on these pictures, they get bigger. A few spots are more detailed than others. I used a lot of pictures from when I lived in China to make this. Besides the various depictions of buddhas, the most recognizable face is probably the Night Train himself.


This is a piece I did with Damon Hooks. He’s responsible for several of the pictures on my back.


This is me playing coloring book with an old photo. My aim is to show the upper class eating the eyeballs of the working class.

For those of you enjoyed the DC Comics secret identities crossword puzzle that I created and posted a while back, good news has washed up on your shores in the form of this crossword puzzle. lanterncrossword copy

Today I had lunch with Van Jensen, co-creator of the Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer series and new writer for Green Lantern Corps. In commemorate his new responsibility, I made him this crossword and figured I would share it with y’all. 


3. Anti Matter HQ of the Yellow Lanterns

8. Can be blamed for Coast City’s destruction

10. No man escapes the

11. Fatality’s homeworld, John Stewart’s failure

12. Alan Scott’s boyfriend

13. Guy walks into his bar

17. John Stewart’s favorite Korugarian

19. First Black Lantern

20. Red Lantern cat

25. The son of the guy who gave the ring to Highball

26. The reason for the necessary impurity that made the rings vulnerable to yellow

27. Liaison to the Guardians

29. Insect partner of a planet

30. Red Lantern leader


1. Sinestro’s daughter

2. Trained Kilowog

4. Kilowog’s trademark term of endearment

5. Beware my power

6. Doesn’t socialize

7. First Blue Lantern

9. Searched for the soul of America with Ollie and Hal

14. Keeps Guy’s drinks cold and his bed warm (sometimes)

15. Ion’s Daxamite host

16. Planet and catch phrase of the Indigo tribe

18. Sonar’s motherland

21. Guardians of the Star Sapphires

22. Agent Orange

23. A Yellow Lantern took her wings

24. Alan Scott’s daughter

27. Lady Guardian

28. A Lantern Lost then Disgraced then Red


Jim Rash’s name in the Community credits is the cover of Action Comics #1

Oliver Queen’s passcode to his sub-nightclub arrow cave is 1141. Green Arrow first appeared November 1941.

The blind guy is Contact is named Kent Clark.

David Cassidy is Katie Cassidy’s father. David Cassiday played a Patridge. Katie Cassidy plays a Canary.


Some panda trafficking…


Some erotic cannibalism…


Edible evidence…


Here’s some stuff I did last night using an old graphics tablet I rescued from being thrown out. I hope it really freaks you out.


The news that Apple has refused to carry Saga #12 on its iOS apps reaffirms my disappointment with the world. I know I tend to primarily discuss DC titles on this site, but I definitely read other books and Saga is probably the best comic being published right now. I really like Saga and love gay people, so I’m going to use this platform to offer my support to two things that help my life feel miraculous- Saga and homosexuals. I think the world benefits from seeing the contradictions in the human condition as exposed by the narrative of Saga. As someone in an interracial/international/intercultural marriage, I feel a certain affinity to the book’s protagonists and I believe anyone who has had immigration all up in their marriage should have sympathy for all the gays putting up with government roadblocks to their attempts at wedded bliss. I don’t think gay people should feel like they have to get married to prove anything though. I worry that the politicizing of gay marriage must put some additional pressure on many relationships. Apple’s decision to ban the book over potentially offense that would be taken over “two postage stamp-sized images of gay sex” is not only cowardly, conservative, homophobic, reactionary, against their economic interests, and universally uncool, but it’s also hypocritical. Saga is a sexy book and its sexuality consistently defies the limits of both our contemporary morality and our scientific understanding. Apple has made the first eleven issues available through their iOS apps despite their being liberally adorned with profanity, sexuality, and nudity. This issue is being singled out for its gayness and that’s not cool.

If Apple is worried about kids, they shouldn’t have ever made Saga available. It’s neither suitable nor intended for immature readers. The violence in the comic alone makes it a questionable choice of reading material for a child. A lot of conservatives speak of the spectre of the gay teacher who will transform classrooms into gay training camps. Gay activists and sympathizers usually try to appease the person in the argument by assuring them that gay teachers wouldn’t teach homosexuality. I think their argument is correct. I’m been pretty certain of the sexual orientation of many of my teachers and I never remember being taught homosexuality. I do remember being taught a lot of heterosexuality in school, brain-washing levels of heterosexuality. As I’ve gotten older and looked at a statistic or two, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are too many people on this planet and that it is in the interest of our species’ survival to teach more homosexuality to future generations.

I would like to recommend Saga to you if you aren’t reading it. You should know it does get a little sexy, gross, violent, clever, satirical, challenging, and funny in some parts. If that’s not something you’re ready for, maybe you should skip it. Finally, one more recommendation- you should consider being gay if you haven’t. It’s at least worth the consideration.

THINGS CAN CHANGE IN A DAY as a somewhat muddled explanation emerges from Comixology saying they made some sort of error…smells like a dog with a tail between its legs. Either way Saga #12 will be appearing on iOS apps sooner than Saga #13

back to inspector spacepanda

Are you considering time travel as a plausible treatment option for premature ejaculation?

indianda panda jones

Archeology is about blowing stuff up and breaking antique treasures.


Just some space cowboy stuff-  it’s not connected to the Panda Bandit project, at least not any more connected than these other pandas.

purple rain panda

massage lion

A few things fall into the go hard or go home category: Prince, massage, ribs.

assassination of marat panda

Prior to the French Revolution, the Sun King revolutionized the way art could be utilized to craft an illusion of control. This is well-documented and the idea is flushed out well  in a text called The Fabrication of Louis XIV. That book has had a considerable effect on me as a historian and on the way I try to use artifacts and the myth of evidence. That book, along with many others, deserves some credit for leading me to my current point of intellectual development and in particular, the concentration on sequential art and its ability to generate emotion beyond aesthetic stimulation or disdain, towards much richer emotional states such as national identity, patriotic fervor, sense of entitlement or expectation, religious foundation, or revolutionary catalyst.

The plan is do some heavy duty comic book related stuff over the next two weeks, but there will likely be a continuing of panda drawings.

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