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Dragon Con was a blast and I felt like the DC Comics and Cultural Studies panel went well. I’ve had a few requests so I’ve posted my paper “Discipline & Punish: Michel Foucault & the Suicide Squad” here. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting my paper from last year some time soon, but until then, enjoy this one.


assassination of marat panda

Prior to the French Revolution, the Sun King revolutionized the way art could be utilized to craft an illusion of control. This is well-documented and the idea is flushed out well  in a text called The Fabrication of Louis XIV. That book has had a considerable effect on me as a historian and on the way I try to use artifacts and the myth of evidence. That book, along with many others, deserves some credit for leading me to my current point of intellectual development and in particular, the concentration on sequential art and its ability to generate emotion beyond aesthetic stimulation or disdain, towards much richer emotional states such as national identity, patriotic fervor, sense of entitlement or expectation, religious foundation, or revolutionary catalyst.

The plan is do some heavy duty comic book related stuff over the next two weeks, but there will likely be a continuing of panda drawings.

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