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I’m posting a crossword puzzle that I made based on characters from DC Comics. Hopefully it proves to be a fun and challenging distraction for some of you. Click here or at the crossword link on the top of the page to have a try. Following the link will allow you to see the clues.


Image I recently posted the Will Power Timeline I’ve been working on. It attempts to draw connections to real world events with developments in the Green Lantern narrative. It’s unfinished, a work in progress. Any suggestions on things to add are appreciated. Also if you notice any glaring errors, I would appreciate it if you could bring those to my attention as well. I will keep adding to it as my research continues. You can visit the timeline by following the link at the top of the page or clicking on these words.





knkknkharlequinindigo copy

It’s been fun to draw these Golden Age Knock Knock Jokes, but, with such a precarious semblance of narrative, the exercise risked either continuing endlessly or concluding simply because I got bored. The recent release of the second TPB volume of Green Lantern (New 52) brought a sound resolution to my concern. While I’m sure I have a few more Golden Age Knock Knock Jokes in me, I’m going to give them a rest for an indeterminate amount of time… maybe… forever. This one’s for serious Green Lantern nerds.

Nok…. May compassion guide you…








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