DC Secret Identities Crossword Puzzle.


The clues are the secret identities of the answers.

Some of the answers are heroes from the DC Universe.

Some of the answers are villains from the DC Universe.

Some of the answers walk the line between hero and villain.

I hope you find it challenging and fun. Don’t let it consume you so much that you forget to tend to yr. responsibilities, letting yr. lawn grow out of control while the family pet starves and yr. children are introduced to hard narcotics by one of their co-stars a poorly crafted adult film.

Just print her out. Grab a pencil. Have some fun. Don’t bring shame upon yourself.




4. Barry Allen

6. William Hand

10. Rex Mason

11. Rokk Krinn

13. Carter Hall

14. Dinah Lance

15. Damian Wayne

18. Imra Ardeen

22. Alec Holland

24. Conner Kent

29. Bruce Wayne

31. Dan Dreiberg

32. Tim Drake

34. Kate Kane

35. Waylon Jones

37. Jason Blood

39. Scott Free

43. Buddy Baker

44. Floyd Lawton

48. Digger Harkness

51. Thomas Blake

53. Jason Todd

55. Milton Fine

56. John Stewart

57. Kirk Langstrom

58. Leonard Snart

59. Harleen Quinzel

60. Mark Mardon

62. Roy Harper

63. Jon Osterman

65. J’onn J’onzz

66. Adrian Veidt

67. Bart Allen


1. Jaime Reyes

2. Pamela Isley

3. Oliver Queen

5. Sally Jupiter

7. Jervis Tetch

8. Selina Kyle

9. Hiro Okamura

12. Tinya Wazzo

14. David Zavimbe

16. Thomas Elliot

17. Boston Brand

19. John Corben

20. Karen Starr

21. Clark Kent

23. Oswald Cobblepot

24. John Henry Irons

25. Billy Batson

26. Edward Nigma

27. Diana Prince

28. Helena Bertinelli

30. Cyrus Gold

33. Victor Fries

36. Edward Blake

38. Victor Stone

40. Garth Rannz

41. Barbara Gordon

42. Jonathan Crane

43. Arthur Curry

45. Carol Ferris

46. Walter Kovacs

47. Koriand’r

49. Harvey Dent

50. Michael Jon Carter

52. Donna Troy

54. Slade Wilson

61. Ray Palmer

64. Dick Grayson



3. Anti Matter HQ of the Yellow Lanterns

8. Can be blamed for Coast City’s destruction

10. No man escapes the

11. Fatality’s homeworld, John Stewart’s failure

12. Alan Scott’s boyfriend

13. Guy walks into his bar

17. John Stewart’s favorite Korugarian

19. First Black Lantern

20. Red Lantern cat

25. The son of the guy who gave the ring to Highball

26. The reason for the necessary impurity that made the rings vulnerable to yellow

27. Liaison to the Guardians

29. Insect partner of a planet

30. Red Lantern leader


1. Sinestro’s daughter

2. Trained Kilowog

4. Kilowog’s trademark term of endearment

5. Beware my power

6. Doesn’t socialize

7. First Blue Lantern

9. Searched for the soul of America with Ollie and Hal

14. Keeps Guy’s drinks cold and his bed warm (sometimes)

15. Ion’s Daxamite host

16. Planet and catch phrase of the Indigo tribe

18. Sonar’s motherland

21. Guardians of the Star Sapphires

22. Agent Orange

23. A Yellow Lantern took her wings

24. Alan Scott’s daughter

27. Lady Guardian

28. A Lantern Lost then Disgraced then Red




Here are the clues:

Superman is not from (20 Down).  He is an (8 Down) from a planet called Krypton. His (21 Down) named him (24 Across). His father, Jor-El, found out that their planet was going to (22 Across). Jor-El sent his baby son to (20 Down) in a (3 Down) to save him. Baby (24 Across) was found and (27 Across) by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They named him (2 Down). The Kents raised him as their own son in on their farm in a small (14 Across) called Smallville, (5 Across) in the United States.

As he grows up, Clark finds out that he has (17 Down) powers. He cannot be hurt.  He is (7 Down) enough to lift almost anything. He can (4 Down) like a bird. He can run and move faster than a speeding (23 Across). He has can see through walls and shoot heat from his (6 Across). He can (4 Across) things with his cold breath. He decides to use his special powers to fight (12 Across) and save people in (25 Across).  He wears a blue and red (2 Across) and cape to keep his identity (18 Down).

He moves to a (10 Down) called (16 Across), and becomes a journalist for the Daily Planet, the most popular (19 Across) in the world. He falls in (11 Across) with another journalist, (13 Down).

His only (9 Down) is a (15 Down), a radioactive rock from his home planet. It makes him (11 Down) his powers. His (26 Down) use it to hurt him. (15 Down) comes in many colors, but is usually (1 Down).


batman crossword

Bruce Wayne comes from a very _____12 across___________ family.

His _______6 across__________ loved him very much.

One day, when Bruce was very young, his parents took him to the ____7 down______.

When they left, a ____20 down______approached them and demanded their money and Bruce’s mother’s ______23 across_______.

The thief had a _________3 down___________ and shot both of Bruce’s parents.

They died and Bruce became an ________15 across__________.

Bruce’s butler______28 across________ became his _______29 across________.

Bruce missed his parents very much and felt ______27 across_______ about the crime in _______25 down_____________.

Bruce decided to use his _____9 across_______ and energy to fight crime as the Batman.

He often uses ________30 across (two words)_________ equipment to catch criminals, but relies mainly on his _______18 across_________, which earned him the honor of “World’s Greatest ___________5 across_______________.”

He is not a member of the_____2 down________, but sometimes he works with them.

Because he is rich and _______13 down_________, he attracts many women and has many girlfriends.

However his crime-fighting keeps him from _____16 down  (two words)________.

He has no parents and no wife, but his life is not __________8 across__________.

He has many friends.

When Bruce meets a talented young boy, he will often _______10 across_______ him to live in his ______26 across_______ and train to fight crime alongside Batman as Robin.

Batman may have many friends, but he also has many ______19 across__________.

The criminals that Batman encounters are very ________4 down_________.

______1 down (two words)____ is a woman who can _______24 down_______ with plants and flowers.

Her kiss allows her control over men’s minds. They become her ______22 down_______.

Another villain that Batman often faces is Oswald Cobblepot. He earned his __11 down__ because he walks like a _______17 down_______.

Most people use _______21 across_______ to protect them from the rain, but he uses them as weapons!