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So Dragon Con is finally over and I’m too tired to type too much. I had a ton of fun volunteering at the Art Show- a great gang of volunteers- much better experience than when I volunteered with Security last year. I think my panel went well- I was amazed how many people showed up despite the parade going on outside. Anyway, I promised some folks I post some pictures of costumes I saw over the weekend. My friend printed me a bunch of stickers of my drawings (mostly images that I’ve posted here) and he asked I take a picture of the people to whom I gave stickers. Unfortunately because I spent over 20 hours in the Art Show where photography is prohibited, most of the people you got stickers are not posted here and a few of these pictures are from Friday and the stickers didn’t arrive until Saturday. SO… enjoy these pictures.


Green Arrow (New 52)


Marko (from Saga, the best comic on the shelves) & Alan (Zach Galifianakis’s character from The Hangover). This was my favorite cosplay I saw all weekend.




Black Canary


Macho Man Randy Savage (there was a lot of wrestling cosplay this year)


The Penguin


Greendale Human Being (Go Greendale. Lower your standards. Six seasons and a movie.)


I don’t know, but I dig it. The tail is especially creepy.




Princess Daisy


Harley Quinn After Hours






Static Shock

To my pictures from last year, click here but I should warn you that not all of the images are suitable for all audiences- you could say that are not safe for work, if that’s your lingo.


I’ve been volunteering at Wonder Root Community Arts Center in the Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta for the past few months. It’s a great place that offers a recording studio, performance venue, darkroom, digital media lab, art gallery, and community garden to its members for a very low rate ($10 a month or $60 a year) and it also participates in scores of community programs and activities. I drew the picture of the center above and it now hangs in the Wonder Root community library, which houses a lot of issues of ArtPapers, many rare art publications, and a cigarette machine turned art dispenser. Last week I was asked to draw a picture on the door, which the center has been sporting for a few days so far. While chalk has frustrated me as a medium, particularly when I was teaching, I managed to make a friendly doodle that I figured I’d share with y’all. It contains elements of Wonder and elements of Panda.

Wonderwoman Panda Door


Wonder Root Wonder Panda


Last night the season finale of NBC’s greatest accomplishment Community aired. Sadly it might also have been the series finale. The show has teetered on extinction pretty much since its inception much like the beloved panda. This season Abed wore two panda shirts, so I can only imagine he would think my homage is cool cool cool cool cool.

While I really hope the show doesn’t get cancelled, the last several episodes of this season brought several elements of the show together and wrapped things pretty nicely. If the show ends, I hope everyone in the cast and crew find other outlets for their genius and have the opportunity to work together again. If you haven’t been watching it, give it a try.

Jim Rash’s name in the Community credits is the cover of Action Comics #1

Oliver Queen’s passcode to his sub-nightclub arrow cave is 1141. Green Arrow first appeared November 1941.

The blind guy is Contact is named Kent Clark.

David Cassidy is Katie Cassidy’s father. David Cassiday played a Patridge. Katie Cassidy plays a Canary.

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