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our green lantern pumpkin

To celebrate Halloween this year, the missus came up with the idea of a Green Lantern jack-o-lantern. She did most of the important work- coming up with the idea and carving it. I did the other stuff- empty the guts out of the pumpkin and trace the logo onto the pumpkin.

Carving the pumpkin…

Yuanyuan carves into a pumpkin lantern



After the show, it’s the after-carving, After the carving, it’s the hotel lobby…

The view from our apartment’s parking lot….

View from the parking lot

More shots…

Another side view of pumpkin 2814

break on through

We ordered the green lights a couple of days ago and they arrived in the mail today. In somewhat related news, THE LEG by Van Jesnen (Green Lantern Corps writer) and Jose Pimienta also arrived in the mail today!! For those of you who didn’t kick in to the kickstarter, you can score a copy here from the fine people at Top Shelf. I’m super-excited to start reading it. I’ve flipped through it and the art, particularly the colors and all the Mexican architecture, looks splendidly dreamy.

The Leg



assassination of marat panda

Prior to the French Revolution, the Sun King revolutionized the way art could be utilized to craft an illusion of control. This is well-documented and the idea is flushed out well  in a text called The Fabrication of Louis XIV. That book has had a considerable effect on me as a historian and on the way I try to use artifacts and the myth of evidence. That book, along with many others, deserves some credit for leading me to my current point of intellectual development and in particular, the concentration on sequential art and its ability to generate emotion beyond aesthetic stimulation or disdain, towards much richer emotional states such as national identity, patriotic fervor, sense of entitlement or expectation, religious foundation, or revolutionary catalyst.

The plan is do some heavy duty comic book related stuff over the next two weeks, but there will likely be a continuing of panda drawings.



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