Here are a series of drawings I did based on characters from Nintendo’s beloved Super Mario franchise and photographs of women I found on the internet. There is a man in one of the pictures. I may do a series later that is all men, but these pieces celebrate the female form almost exclusively. The colors and certain details speak to elements of the games. My wife and I are both huge Super Mario fans. I stopped at twelve because my friend suggested I make a calendar. I’m thankful for his suggestion because I wasn’t really sure when to stop and I was running out of enemies. I have ideas for a Wiggler and Lakitu in my mind, but they remain undeveloped larvae or unseeded precipitation in warped version of the Mushroom Kingdom that manifests itself in my video-game-raddled mind. I’m interested to hear which ones people like. My wife’s favorites are the Chain Chomp and the Piranha Plant. I’m really happy with how Bowser Jr. and Koopa came out. I also like Bullet Bill, but I had another idea using an image from some 1970s gay pornography, but the image’s resolution was impossibly low. I looked through a ton of pictures trying to find a comparable image, but to no avail. The NSA must certainly think I’m a homosexual now. If they’re going to be perverts and spy on us, we might as well as a colorful trail of breadcrumbs for their gossip circles. Though I couldn’t recreate the exact Bullet Bill image I wanted to, I do think some of the sexual energy inherent and obvious to the character is expressed. While the phallacy of Bullet Bill is readily apparent, I wanted to exploit the more vulnerable sexuality of the character’s subtle yet searing facial expression. The nudity is meant to bring out more of the character rather than the reverse; that’s true will all the pieces and I hope that’s easily seen. In nearly every instance, I thought of the character before locating the source material for the picture

As far as fan art icon satire goes, this is still one of my early endeavors, but I expect it’ll become a habit. A friend of mine writes fan fiction and we became friends during a time when I was making a lot of music from samples, hyper-mash up experiments. She considered the music I was making a type of fan fiction. I think Shakespeare wrote fan fiction and had it performed by drag queens. Drag is a truly awesome form of fan fiction like undercover police work and cosplay.

Clicking on any of these pictures will allow you to admire muchlarger images.

Goomba, at ease


Koopa Pin Up


Piranha Plant shooting fireballs with the sass of a million warriors

Piranha Plant

Pokey Pokeys


Reverse Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp

Birdo With Egg


Whomp brings all the boys to the yard


Wowzer Jr.

Bowser, Jr.

Dry Bones with Boo

Dry Bones with Boo

Shy Gurl

Shy Guy

Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill

Cheep Cheep in Paradise

Cheep Cheep