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Here’s a picture I did for one of my wife’s old high school friends. She and her husband recently had a baby. Their daughter is pictured playing with a pack of cigarettes and adjusting her sunglasses. They live in Zhuhai, Guangdong province..


Here’s a picture I did a year ago for some friends when they became new parents. I’m going to do another picture of their son and plan to do one every year. The boy’s father is an old comrade of mine, benim yoldaş, who makes really good cheese and champagne at his farm in Maine. The boy’s future will surely be the stuff of legend.


This first picture was done as a birthday present, a wolf-bat visiting upon the home of the birthday boy in question. The birthday party itself was pleasant and included a nice spread of grilled meat action and traditional sides. As far as I know, no bat penis was served, but there were hot dogs and while the presence of such exotic fare as chiropteral phallus muscle would surprise me, it is not beyond the realm of reasonable ingredients. I myself had a delicious burger, expertly seasoned and grilled. During the time I was at the party, the music played predominantly was Madonna.


This second drawing features some of the staff from Slice of Brookhaven, a friendly pizzeria and bar located in Brookhaven, which neighbors Atlanta. The staff there is very pleasant and the pizza is top notch. I host pub trivia there every Tuesday at 8pm and encourage you to come by. I always ask a DC Comics question and I think I put together a pretty good trivia DJ set list. I struggled at first with the musical demands of the trivia host because I was hung up by some of preconceived notions on transforming a space with music- I was born to score alien weddings, robot pornography, and non-consensual ketamine dosings, so adjusting those artistic sensibilities to fit the trivia vibe took a few tries. Eventually I stopped worrying and learned to love classic rock, but I assure you I’ve retained some of the spirit of the fringe. Hopefully I’ll do a few more panda portraits at the restaurant. I like the look of the place and after all is said and done, if an artist truly wants to celebrate the beauty of life, surely their themes address the sophisticated psychic power imbued in pizza. The staff all wear red shirts, which makes them easy to identify but lowers their chances of survival should they be sent out on a mission by Captain James Tiberius Kirk. That’s the cost to be the boss, I suppose.


A chainsaw social / A chainsaw socially


I’ve been working on several panda illustration based on photographs- mostly pictures I took, but some pictures my friends have taken. In this first picture, the SNOW beer is pretty east to see. The glasses and bottles may seem disproportionate to your Western eyes, but in China, it is common to drink beer out of small glasses that has been poured from a larger bottle. It facilitates frequent toasts among drinkers, toasts that vary in enthusiasm and glory depending on the spirit of the revelers. Sometimes you drink with your friend. Sometimes you drink with your boss. Sometimes you drink with some creepy government official who won’t stop touching your leg and spits rice when he talks. Sometimes you drink with bored alcoholics that just keep toasting to keep themselves from committing mass murder-suicide. I spent my time there as a diplomat, so I drank with everybody. It’s just one of the way I protected America’s interests abroad. I deserve grant money.


This is based on photograph of myself and a lovely woman I met in Almaty, Kazakhstan (the music capital of Central Asia) at the grocery where she worked. She might still work there. The photo was taken in 2008 right before the Beijing Olympics.


This one is not based on a photograph that I took. It’s from somewhere in the erotic abyss that is the internet.


This one reminds me a bit of Diane Arbus. I only recently learned that she was married to M*A*S*H’s Dr. Freeman in the wake of Allan Arbus’s death. That news really blew my mind. My mind can barely wrap itself around the fact that  M*A*S*H featured an actor named Alan Alda and an actor named Allan Arbus. That must have been confusing. The folks at the 4077 had trouble keeping Asians straight, so they hired the same five Japanese actors to play all the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Asian-American roles. The nurses all had seemed to function normally despite their multiple personality disorders.


This picture speaks to one of my dear friends who is currently help get malaria out of Africa. Her compassion for others is rivaled only by her cat-titude, which is an unstoppable force of sugar and spice.

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