A few weeks ago I wrote an open letter to Jon Stewart with some ideas about who might be selected as his replacement. With the recent announcement that Trevor Noah will be taking up responsibilities behind the desk at the Daily Show, I figured I could do him the same favor I did Jon Stewart and whip up a quick diddly panda portrait. Unfortunately I don’t know about any marijuana-based comedies in Trevor Noah’s past, so I worked from an image from his more recent fake news correspondent work. Noah is the first South African to receive the honor of a Baby Nightsoil panda portrait. Of the horses still in the Daily Show stable, I think choosing Noah was the best decision. He’s the best suited to anchor the show- Jessica Williams has too much of a hurricane-like energy while Jordan Klepper and Hasan Minhaj both have that eternal youth look that old people don’t trust in doctors and newscasters. Some critics have worried how Noah will cover the upcoming 2016 presidential elections, but I have high hopes for Noah as he joins the great tradition of foreigners and immigrants having a sarcastic love affair with the United States- Alexis Tocqueville, Jean Beaudrillard, Craig Ferguson, my wife, and of course, John Oliver. Foreigners can have an appreciation of this great American experiments that native residents can’t even fake. Other critics have seized upon a few tweets for what I consider mildly offensive content. These tweets and their commentary on Israel and women’s appearances would’ve been inappropriate in a professional setting unless your profession is comedy. In that case, the material seems pretty tame. Perhaps he will start a meaningful revolution during his tenure as host of the Daily Show, but probably he’ll just tell some jokes.