Last night I convinced a friend of mine to join me in attending the second monthly installment of the Back Bar Comedy Showcase at Manuel’s Tavern. Before the event, we made a bet on whether or not one of the comedians would tell a Bill Cosby joke. My friend bet that there would one told and I took the other side. I won.

I missed the inaugural event which took place the evening of the Little Five Points Halloween Parade. The host is a friend named Jody Bufkin who I volunteered with for several months at WonderRoot. Before last night, I hadn’t caught any of his comedy performances and as anyone who has ever befriended a comedian will tell you- you can’t wait to see them perform and you sort of expect them to bad at it (it’s like finding out one of your friends makes porno). I was happy to finally get a chance to see him do comedy and relieved that he was good at comedy. The good news that Jody is not bad at stand up comedy was followed by the better news that he’d recruited many hilarious comedians to perform in the showcase. Although billed as an hour and a half, the thing ran close to two hours and nearly every minute had me laughing. I’m a terrible journalist as I don’t remember anyone’s name (except Jody, of course), but if I did remember their names, I’d go into detail about what I particularly liked. Instead, the bad journalist in me will tell you that I thought the first comedian was the funniest. She was pretty tall and from Nebraska. Her jokes, like most of the jokes, were quite dirty- filthy actually. Not so much family-friendly entertainment, but certainly funny and the price is right. This monthly jokefest happens for free. I can also report that Jody is a good host. He seemed to pronounce everybody’s name correctly and many of the performers hugged him before taking the stage.

I strongly encourage any of you available on December 20th to check out the next one. It’s free.