I recently received the most current schedule for academic programming at Dragon Con this year and I thought I’d share the details of my panel.

The panel is titled “Comics Through a Socio-Political Lens” and is described as a “panel [that] explores political ideologies and identities in Silver Age, Golden Age, and 20th century comics.” The panel will be held on Sunday night at 8:30pm in the Hanover F room at the Hyatt Hotel at 265 Peachtree St NE  Atlanta, GA 30303. I will present on Cold War Ideologies in Silver Age Green Lantern and will be joined by two other presenters. Clancy Smith will present “Days of Future Past: Technocracy and Discrimination in X-Men and America” and Mary Grace DuPree will present “Holy Coded Jewish Identity, Batman! Tracing the Narrative of Religious Presence in Comics.”

I look forward to meeting my fellow panelists and attending the other panels that are part of this year’s academic programming. Of course, I’ll post any changes to my panel’s scheduling here.