Here are five more panda drawings to add to the ever-expanding collection. In the first one there is a cheetah, but if you look closely, there are also two kitties on the purse.


These two are obviously magicians. You tell by the bright colors they wear in the clothing and nail polish. It is likely they listen to the blackest of black metal and drink from the most forbidden of forbidden juice boxes. In the unlikely instance that they are not magicians, they must surely be wizards.


An American and a Manchurian debate the virtues of getting rich. The contest ends in a draw.


A young prodigy challenges the piano to justify its own existence. The piano responds slowly, completing its defense long after the earth is consumed by silence. In the end, the boy and the piano become great friends.


Vintage lovers try to keep warm in the winter months by cuddling, snuggling, and juggling. Besides pandas, what other animals start with the letter P?